Gods Trial

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Gods Trial

Post by Cyrah on Tue Nov 16, 2010 4:22 pm

Hellous!! *puts cookies on the table*

Ok so now it's Gods Trial turn now, and well this quest/instance you get it between 10-15, (and i think at another lvl as well but this part can or will be modified).

Either you apply for a random squad or you go to San Juan (located in Freedom Harbor, and the squad leader goes in first) and then you get teleported and you see just one big room, and there are two NPC's, the one to the left if it's the first time visiting the instance he'll give you an experience scroll wich is highly recommended to use during this instance (and yes, the exp scrolls can be paused/activated when ever). So ok, the NPC to the right will talk telling you basically that the instance will start in a few, and by now if there are squadbuffs enhancing mastery, strength, magic or what ever else, they should be done before starting.

Once the trial starts, there are 6 elemental pillars located to the corners of the room (it's a pretty circular room imo) and they go from left to right: Earth, Dark, Light, Wind, Fire, Water. Some squads go 1, 2, or 3 ppl per pillar, being the one of 2 ppl per pillar the one most preferred. Good news, your soulforce skill is usable here 8D. Moving along with the instance, there are 3 mobs that spawn per pillar, and on the quest list it shows you have to kill 20 for each pillar, and "fun" part is that the pillars have HP, so it's save the pillars and once the pillar has been saved it moves closer to the middle portion of the room.

So the pillars are saved, and the pillars are creating rings that do some amount of damage (which is barely anything) that will be "helping" us with the boss that spawns in the middle. It's tankable i would say by all the classes using pots, but there's nothing like a priest's healin' for this XD, so choose the highest lvl or just send in a protector in case if there's one in squad, and bombs away!
If the squad is high lvl (in this case 27+ atm for closed beta) it'll go really fast.

The last boss is killed and usually there is a drop and you roll a dice for it unless it's something you really need or just for greed, and the person who rolls the highest number gets it. Talk back to the NPC that gave you the scroll and then exit! Turn in the quests where needed and if its your 2nd time or more, well it's ovah for now until you can reenter or do another instance.

Later i'll add the screenshots (only the Earth pillar will be missing)

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